Under 18s are more than welcome to our centre! We find that children aged ~8 or more can engage and enjoy climbing. However we've had parents bring children as young as 2 to the centre.

All under 18s must be registered to climb - please see the grey section below.

If you are:

  • Under 14 / inexperienced - you must be directly supervised at all times by an assessed Adult Bouldering Supervisor. See green box
  • Experienced and 14-17 - you may climb unsupervised following successful completion of an assessment with a member of staff. See Blue box.

For more details of our Under 18 Classes, click below.

Under 18 Classes

Registering Under 18s

All Under 18s must register with us before climbing.

Please complete 3 simple steps to register, and then read below to see whether you need an Adult Supervisor or Under 18 Assessment:

  1. Watch our Bouldering Safety Induction Video >>>
  2. Read our Conditions of Use and Rules
  3. Complete an Under 18 Registration Form

Supervised Under 18 climbers

Under 18 climbers can only climb under the direct supervision of an Adult who has completed our Bouldering Supervisor assessment. Up to 2 Under 18s may be supervised by each Bouldering Supervisor.

Bouldering supervisor assessment

Adult supervisors should have at least 5 sessions bouldering experience or have completed an induction course with a member of staff. The bouldering supervisor assessment is a short questionnaire, followed by a feedback session. To book an assessment call Reception on 01223 77 88 10.

Please read, print and complete our Bouldering Supervisor Form to save time at the centre. At the centre we will review the form and discuss any questions you may have. We may also observe while you supervise your junior.

Experienced 14-17 year old climbers

Climbers aged 14-17 may climb unsupervised following successful completion of an assessment with a member of staff.
Please register beforehand using the link in the grey box above, and then book an assessment.


Assessments are conducted by a member of staff. They last around 30 minutes during which a member of staff will assess the climber's competency to boulder unsupervised. Before attending an assessment, please read and complete our 14-17 Unsupervised Bouldering Assessment form. This should be completed by the junior and parent.

They are available:

  • Monday-Friday: 12pm-2pm and 3pm-5pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 11am-1pm and 3pm-6pm

There is a fee of £5 for the assessment per climber.

Assessments must be booked in advance. Contact us (01223 77 88 10) to organise an assessment.

14-15 year old climbers: A parent / legal guardian must attend the assessment

16-17 year old climbers: Parents are not required to attend the assessment. We may call the parent / legal guardian to confirm their understanding / acceptance of the Conditions of Use and Rules.