Under-18s must either be supervised by a competent adult climber


be 14+ and experienced enough to be assessed for unsupervised climbing.

Please do not arrive without understanding the following, as you may not be allowed to climb.


Who is climbing?

Inexperienced / All Under 14s

 Must be directly supervised at all times by an assessed Adult Bouldering Supervisor.
See below for the level of experienced required before assessment.

Experienced 14+  

you may climb unsupervised following successful completion of an assessment with a member of staff.  

Under 8s

We find children aged over 8 can easily enjoy climbing here.
Be advised that the reach and height of the majority of climbs are not suited to children under 8.
Instead we recommend ‘Clip and Climb’, located around the corner from us.

Experienced Adult Climber

Follow steps 1 to 4 below.

Step 1: Watch our Induction Video


Step 2: Read our Conditions of Use and Good Practice

Step 3: Pre-Register Online

Complete our short registration form online for free.
This is required for all Adults and Under 18s

Step 4: Assessment

Adult Supervisors

Under 18 climbers can only climb under the direct supervision of an experienced adult who has completed the Bouldering Supervisor Assessment.

The bare minimum level of experience before attempting the assessment form is having one year’s regular bouldering experience at dedicated bouldering centres.

A maximum of 2 Under 18s may be supervised by an Adult Supervisor. A single under 8 can be supervised by an Adult Supervisor.

Adult supervisors cannot climb at the same time as their supervisees. Under 18s must be in view of the Adult Supervisor at all times.

This process is to ensure the safety of under-18s and all users of the climbing centre.

Adult Supervisor Assessment

This is a form which asks a series of questions related to climbing safety, good bouldering practice and helps us assess the competency of an experienced climber in becoming an Adult Supervisor.

No booking is required.  However during busier times the Duty Manager may not be able to review this immediately.
We may need to observe while you supervise your junior.

Experienced 14-17 year old climbers

Climbers aged 14-17 may climb unsupervised following successful completion of an assessment with a member of staff.


Assessments must be booked in advance. They last around 20 minutes during which a Duty Manager will assess the climber’s competency to boulder unsupervised.
This involves a short form based on general climbing safety and good practice, followed by a short observation of the young climber on the wall by a member of staff.

The bare minimum level of experience before completing the assessment form is having at least one year’s regular bouldering experience.

14-15 year old climbers: A parent / legal guardian must attend the assessment.

16-17 year old climbers: Parents are not required to attend the assessment.
We may call the parent / legal guardian to confirm their understanding / acceptance of the Conditions of Use and Rules.