**Due to the current situation we are only selling Day Entry options including 10 Punch Cards**

Please note we only accept payment by card.  We cannot take cash.  

* Full Time Students, Over 65s, Umployed

** Off-Peak hours are Weekdays before 4PM, and Weekends after 5PM.  Bank Holidays are Peak.

10 Punch- You can pay upfront for 10 climbs, known as a punch card. These ten climbs have no use-by date, and give you 10 climbs for the price of 8. They are not affected whether you arrive at peak or off peak times either.

Memberships – Currently unavailable due to government mandated capacity restrictions.

Shoe Hire: We have shoe hire for £3 at the centre, or free shoe hire for kids sizes.  Climbing shoes are required in the centre, so if you do not have your own we kindly ask you hire our shoes.


Statement on memberships:

Dear Past and Present Members,

We have no plans to offer Anytime Memberships while our capacity is limited in accordance with the government mandated restrictions.

If we had as many members as we have had in the past, there would only be capacity for 1 weekday evening session per member and none for any other customers.

We recognise that this means some will have to climb less frequently, or pay more. However we hope you understand that this situation makes it necessary.

Should capacity limits be lifted we will reintroduce Anytime Memberships.
Off-Peak Memberships might be possible in the future.

Thank you