Red Rocket Round 3

Thursday 23rd May any time from 17:30

The Red Comp Circuit will reappear for all to try plus we’ll have one of Cambridge’s finest food trucks on site.

What is Red Rocket?
5 times a year we put up a circuit of 30 Red boulders, from very easy to very hard. The first 5 are the easiest, and the rest are numbered randomly. So you don’t need to be a top boulderer to join in!
Red Rocket lasts two weeks, but come down on opening night for the fresh holds and stay for the great food vans!
In the warmer months we also serve beer and cider.
Everyone takes a free scoresheet that’s also a raffle ticket. Membership and climbing kit to be won.
The prize winners are randomly selected so there’s no reason not to drop your raffle ticket in the box!
For those wanting to submit their score for kudos, we announce the points winners online, and the top scorers for the year are invited to compete in the Grand Final at the end of the year.

2023 Renovations

We’ve recently completed lots of improvements and additions to the centre!
This includes: 

  • A new section of climbing wall, completely refurbished matting throughout the building
  • A large additional changing room including two new toilets.
  • Completely renovated showers.
  • Coming soon are 4 large radiant heaters with timer switches spread around the centre.

Future plans

We’re constantly looking to improve and develop our climbing centre.

The next stage in the plan is to remove the Tension training Board from the downstairs Comp area.
With the expansion in early 2023 the plan was to have al the training upstairs in the Mezz.  Now that we have 2 new boards plus a circuit wall up there, we’re ready to remove the Tension Board and replace it with more regular bouldering.
If you’d like to know why or find out more, please email the team.

Notice to Tension Board users:

Unfortunately this Board’s electronics and many of the LEDs have died.  You can still climb on the board the old fashion way though.

The ultimate plan of the expansion in 2022 was to have all of the training facilities in the Mezzanine.

So we plan to replace the Tension Board here with more bouldering walls that blend into the ‘Slab of the Week’ wall.

This will hopefully take place during the Winter.

You might have experienced many people walking under you whilst climbing on this board.  

We believe keeping the training area physically separate from bouldering zones, as well as increasing the amount of climbing on offer, will be a positive change for everyone.

We’ve also found that Tension’s holds are quite ‘tweaky’ and since they are designed to work on an adjustable angle wall, many of them are not suitable or comfortable for most climbers when fixed at 40º.  Our woody in the Mezz is the same angle but we hand-picked all the holds (all handmade in the UK) and feel it’s a much better board all round.  We’ll be resetting it in the Winter too, with even more holds and more footholds to go with the Stokt app.

We know people have enjoyed climbing on it by the shutter door, but sadly there’s no space to move it elsewhere.  We will reuse the good holds.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Thank you

Team Rainbow Rocket

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