General Centre questions

Do I need to book?

Everyone must register before climbing, but it’s not necessary to book unless you’d like an induction or private coaching.

Where can I leave my belongings?  

There are lockers in the changing rooms which require a padlock so bring your own or purchase one at reception.  There are also cubby holes in the bouldering area, however items left here are unsecured.

 How long can I climb for?

 Our prices are Day Entry, so you are able to climb for as long as you want.

Can I leave the centre and return later?

 You may leave the centre and return at any time later the same the day.  Just tell the reception staff when you come back.  Shoe rental is also for the day.

 Do you have parking facilities?

We have both cycle and car parking on site.  See here for details.

Under 18 Climbing

Can I bring my children climbing?

Under 18s are welcome.  Please be sure to read everything here before arriving at the centre.

How many Under 18s can I bring to supervise?

Experienced adults can take up to 2 under 18s climbing upon completion of the Adult Supervisor Assessment (Details at the bottom left).

Can I bring a friend who is a competent climber to supervise my child?   

Yes.  If you do not meet the requirements, a friend who is signed off as a Supervisor can.  (See link above for details)

My child has climbed for X years, do I need to supervise them?  

Under 18s must be supervised at all times. Experienced 14-17 year-olds can take the Unsupervised Climbing Assessment. This does not guarantee they will be able to climb unsupervised if they fail to complete the assessment.

 My child is signed off to climb unsupervised, can he supervise someone younger?  

Under 18s are not permitted to become Supervisors. The younger child would need adult supervision.