There are some new Conditions of Use and Rules to follow while at Rainbow Rocket due to COVID-19. These are for the safety of our staff and customers and must be adhered to.

Face masks

Customers are no longer required to wear face masks whilst in the building. However we recommend the use of face masks to protect others and prevent the spread of droplets onto surfaces around the centre and help keep everyone as safe as possible.

For more information on face coverings please go to the CDC’s website.

Hand Washing and Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is available at the entrance to Reception and by the door to the climbing area. Please use this before entering.
Hand washing facilities are available in the toilets at the rear of the centre and in the right hand side shower cubicle in the changing rooms.


On leaving, check-out using the scanning desk at the exit. This is to help us manage capacity and to comply with any required contact tracing procedures.

Liquid chalk

We strongly recommend the use of liquid chalk. Most liquid chalks are >70% alcohol and may be effective against COVID-19. It should not replace regular hand washing and sanitising.

One-way systems

There will be a one-way system for entry and exit signposted at the entrance to the centre, please follow these and adhere to a 2m distance while waiting to enter.
On the stairs in the centre, give priority to those coming down the stairs and allow them to come down before going up the stairs.

Gym cleaning materials

Cleaning spray and paper towel will be available in the Gym area. Please clean down any equipment that you use.