Supervising Under 18s

We welcome children and teenagers, however we have some extra requirements before they can climb.
This is for the safety of everyone in our centre.

Inexperienced Under 18s can only climb with a Supervisor.
‘Supervisors’ are competent adult boulderers who have completed an assessment at Rainbow Rocket.
(Competence is expected after a year’s regular bouldering, or around 24 sessions.)

Book Assessment

Assessments are free and take around 15 minutes.
Supervisors and all Under 18s also need to be registered before climbing (see below).

Read our
Full Supervision Policy


Register to Climb

Everyone supervising or climbing also has to register before arriving (if they haven’t done so already)
This will speed up your entry to the wall:

Adult Registration

Under 18s Registration

Note on Under 8s
Whilst Experienced adults are welcome to bring younger children,
please be advised that the reach and height of the majority of our boulders are not suited to children under 8.
We recommend Clip and Climb, located around the corner from us.