What is C/A/S/M?

Climb Alongside Mental Health (C/A/M) (casm.cc), is a non-profit awareness movement dedicated to promoting the positive effects of rock climbing in helping with the struggles of depression, self-injury or thoughts of suicide.

Connecting people within the global climbing community, our role is to motivate and encourage honest conversations amongst climbers about how climbing has contributed, and keeps contributing, in a beneficial way to their mental wellbeing. Our aim is that in doing so, those suffering from depression and issues of mental health that have never thought about taking up the sport, might want to give it a go!

…In Support of Mental Health


Climbing Walls, in support of Climb Alongside Mental Health, are providing vouchers covering the cost of a climbing induction session for up to 2 Adults* (No previous climbing experience necessary!)

*To be made eligible for the climbing voucher offer, YOU MUST: Be referred by: A qualified therapist, counsellor or GP.

They (therapist / counsellor / GP) can choose to either:

1- PRINT OUT and SIGN our simple REFERRAL FORM to provide eligibility for YOU for the C/A/M Climbing initiative. This form will need to be provided as proof by YOU in order to book a voucher at the centre.

2- Contact the Supporting climbing centre on your behalf and book the voucher, referencing the Climb with C/A/M initiative (NO NAMES WILL BE REQUIRED AT THIS POINT).

Once the voucher has been received: You contact the supporting wall, and you be able to choose an induction session that suits you on their schedule.

Once the session is booked, GO Climbing! All kit is provided by the climbing centre (wear normal sports kit).